[How to] Make your own Games - Part 1

Hello friends, this is our very first tutorial on CodingPlay so we thought to turn it into a series. Well, in this series we'll teach you how to make your own game, 2D or 3D.
Games as we all know are of two types :-
  • 2D (2-Dimensional Games)
  • 3D (3-Dimensional Games)
2D games as the name suggest have only two dimensions(taking them x and y). 3D games have an added dimension (x,y and z).

The 2D games:-
That's why making 2d games is a whole lot easier than 3d. Basically there are two ways to make any game :-

  •  Using any software.
  •  Programming it yourself.

Well, programming may seem the hardest part to some(or most). So let's start with making games with software.

I am listing a software here :- (GameMaker 8.1).
GameMaker 8.1 is a software which allows you to make free 2d games. And speaking the truth, creating the game with it was so easy. I started out with one of the tutorials that comes with the software and in half and hour, I had my own game.

GameMaker software basically comes in two categories:-
i.The Free Version(called Lite, with reduced functionality, but still enough to create an awesome game)
ii.The Pro Version(the paid one, it has support for 3D too.)
I recommend starting with the free version and then moving to the pro version.

This is software can be downloaded here.

What's the difference between GameMaker and Construct2 ?
Well, the basic difference is that GameMaker is used to make games for the console(i.e. for the computer) whereas Construct2 is used for browser-based HTML5 games.  However both are easy to use.

Construct2 comes with a list of tutorials which you can read (available on the site.) So if you hate programming, you can try out these two super-easy software to start with and make games.

That's all in this tutorials, PART-1 of an entire series. Hope you like it. For any doubts you can always comment.